Interview Assignment

Now you are entering the third stage of the Leaders Project. So far, you have completed a brief one page biography revealing key information about what makes your research subject special. You have also completed a photo story in which you have carefully chosen photographs that reflect important moments in your subject’s life.

Your task now:

Put yourself in role. One partner is the interviewer; the other partner is the subject that you have been researching.

You must choose questions that will generate interesting answers and provide the audience with information about the subject. You should try to make sure you have not simply repeated everything from your one-page biography. Your interview should go into the details that you didn't have room for in the biography. You want to ask questions about their accomplishments, and remember that the answers need to describe why your subject is so special. Researching good interview questions and watching interviews may help you on with this task.

Remember, your photostory will be the introduction to your interview. The photostory will provide the audience with the basic information about your subject.

Check out George Strombopolous’ show The Hour for some ideas: