Welcome to 8 Loureiro's Wiki!

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Welcome to 8 Loureiro's wiki! You will be using this wiki during your Leadership Biography unit. On this wiki, you will find everything you need to help you complete this unit successfully. For example, you will find


This space is an online learning environment that supplements your classroom experience. You will be able to access this wiki and all its information from home. You will also become active contributors to this wiki. Please note the following when contributing:

1) Your teacher and I will be monitoring everything that is put on this site.
2) When commenting, be sure to Praise, Question, Propose. Give a positive comment for something they have said, ask a question about something they have said, and then propose an idea or offer a suggestion.
3) Remember - All ideas are accepted and all ideas are improvable.
4) Use positive and appropriate language.
5) You are to only edit pages that are designated as student edit pages. This will be indicated at the top of each page.

We look forward to working with you in this space! This is your learning environment. Please feel free to offer suggestions of things you would like to see posted here. Have fun with your unit! We look forward to seeing the end product of all your hard work to come!