Adolf Hitler

A Leader is Born
On April the 20th, 1889, one of history's most significant, cunning and influential leaders was born. Adolf Hitler was born to Alois Hitler, an Austrian customs Official, and Klara Hitler (Klara Polzl) in a small town called Braunau am Inn, Austria. Growing up in Linz, Austria with his father and mother, he grew very fond of his mother, yet despised his father who would discipline and abuse Adolf and his older brother, ultimately causing his brother to run away. As a child, Adolf was quite disturbed and moody, often getting very temperamental and stubborn towards a lot of his parents’ orders. His father, who was a civil servant was very short tempered and would often beat Adolf and his older son, to push them towards civil services, believing they were of higher status. Klara however was the exact opposite. She was loving, caring, and would often soothe Adolf’s injuries with her loving hands. It was noted that Adolf would keep a picture of his mother where ever he went,even when his life was coming to an end in 1945, it was said that Adolf was holding his mother's photo in his hand before he had committed suicide.

Education/ Interests
Hitler was a very good student, excelling rather good in primary school. Many teachers had high hopes for him, and his peers considered him a great leader. After his father’s death in 1903, there was no real pressure on him to stay in school. He started failing his secondary exams out of laziness. Rather, he was interested in reading and would often stare at paintings. He wandered around aimlessly dreaming of becoming a famous artist one day. He ultimately quit education altogether after his mother’s death in 1907 and moved to Vienna to pursue his dream of becoming a great artist. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, but only to be declined twice. After that incident, he went into a great depression for about 5 years. He grew an interest in politics and their ability to manipulate one another, and started studying debates and also developed bitter feelings towards the Jewish people,thinking all of Germany's problems were the fault of the Jewish people and other races. He was interested in a perfect Germany, consisting of only one race, one culture and him dictating Germany. He started being interested in how politics have the power to change minds with the simplest lies and treachery. He discovered a talent to speak powerfully within himself and started planning out his politics life.

Rise to power
In the spring of 1919, Hitler found employment as a political officer in the army in Munich. He attended a meeting of German’s Workers Party, a socialist, nationalist and anti-Semitic party at the time, and quickly made a reputation as one of the most powerful speakers and propagandist. He ultimately became Führer (leader) of the group, renaming it to National Socialist German Workers' party, or more commonly known as the Nazi party. The Nazi group continued to inflate, with around 56,000 members by 1924. With the bad economic conditions, Hitler was inspired to seize power in Munich, Bavaria and Germany. This was also known as the Beer Hall Putsch. Being unsuccessful at the attempt, Hitler was tried and convicted for treason and sentenced to 1 year in prison. This is when his political strategies became better and he plotted out Mein Kampf, a book that he wrote meaning ‘My Struggle’.
When he got out of prison, he used the world's depression to his advantage and his movements grew more rapid. In the elections of September, 1930, the Nazis polled about 6.5 million votes, raising his seats from 12 to 107. In the presidential elections of 1932, he outvoted the other parties with around 14 million votes. He became chancellor and eventually was Führer of Germany. He knew that he got voted in, and could be voted out, so he got rid of democracy, gaining full power of Germany.

War Breaks Out
Hitler began World War II on September 1st, 1939 with the hopes of conquering most of the east, Europe, and eliminating the Jewish people. He wanted a perfect Germany consisting of the perfect population, generally known as tall Blue eyed Blondes without imperfections. He wanted the youth of that generation to continue in the name of Nazi for the future of Germany (The German race). He has visions of the German race dominating, suspected treason everywhere and war to havoc as he imprisoned and tortured ‘sub-human’ races, basically any race other than the German race. There was chaos, and Hitler seemed to become more erratic and rational. He suspended his trusted lieutenants, and finally ordered Germany destroyed because it was not worthy of him. He was mad with power.

On April 30th,1945, one of the most significant leaders had passed away, Adolf Hitler. It was said that Adolf’s death is, due to commiting suicide from a gunshot wound to the head and cyanide poisoning. Adolf had admitted that Germany would lose the war, therefore took the decision to commit suicide. However, before Adolf had committed suicide he had went to a physician,
Werner Haase, on April 22nd,1945, to ask him about the most reliable way to suicide. Werner had told him to take a cyanide pill, while shooting himself in the head. The corpse of Adolf Hitler and his spouse Eva Hitler were found sitting on a small sofa on April 30th,1945 at around 15:30. According to the bodyguard of Adolf Hitler, he had said that Hitler’s head was on a table in front of the sofa with blood dripping from the right side of his head to his chin, while his wife had no wounds to her body, and was assumed that she had poisoned herself.

*Adolf Hitler*
When people hear of Adolf Hitler, they automatically think that he had only a negative impact on the world. However, if you look into history, you will find that he made not only a negative difference, but a positive one as well. As for the negative differences, he slaughtered, tortured and hung the Jewish people in ways that were barbaric and inhumane. He attempted to wipe them out completely, along with those who weren’t of Aryan blood or were disabled in any way – physical or mental. On the other hand, Hitler brought all of Germany out of the great depression after World War 1. He gave hope and restored the faith of young children, through an organization called “The Hitler Youth”. It made the youth feel wanted but at the same time, it slowly brainwashed their innocent minds. Altogether, Hitler may have been evil, but he had a huge impact on the world.
Hitler was definitely an amazing leader, for various reasons. He was determined and had a vision. His persuasive power and charisma were incomparable. He knew where he wanted to get and he would go to any lengths to get there. He overlooked everything that stood between him and his objective. Moreover, he had the power to unite people with his words.

Biography By: Nabeel Ahsen & Bhavithiran Sethukavalan

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