Jackie Roosevelt Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Background Information:

..........Jackie Robinson was born in a small sharecropper's cabin on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia during the the Spanish Flu and Smallpox epidemic . At the time of his birth, he was the 5th and youngest child of his family. He changed his middle name to Roosevelt in honor of the former president Theodore Roosevelt.Jackie's family worked for the Sasser's family so they could pay for their cabin, food and other necessities. In a selfish attempt in not losing any profit, the Robinsons were payed in 3 dollars a week of store credit. Jackie Robinson's father, Jerry Robinson, left their family in 1919. Once he left, the Robinson's moved to California to live near Jackie's uncle. Their life was much better there, but their financial situation didn't change. Jackie Robinson's mother worked for extended hours as a domestic. A domestic is a hired household servant. Working long hours left the children at home alone to take care of themselves.

Education & Influences:

..........In 1935 Jackie Robinson attended Washington Junior High School. Jackie's mother always wanted her children to get a really good education and was willing to make sacrifices for their education. Jackie excelled in many of the sports he participated in. He attended Pasadena Junior College where he played for the high school football, basketball, and track team. Upon graduating he received a scholarship to UCLA. Jackie really enjoyed all of his success at UCLA, he was even one of the best players on his team. Jackie was inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt which was the 32nd president of the United States of America. Roosevelt created The New Deal during the great depression of that time which helped people get jobs by building buildings and bridges which helped families to get back up on their feet and boost the economy. Which was also why he decided to dedicate his middle name to Roosevelt. Another one of Jackie Robinson's inspirations is his older brother Mack, who was also a professional athlete. Mack was so good, that he went to the Olympics in Berlin and represented The United States of America as a member of their track team in 1936. He finished second in the 200 meter dash that was held in 1936, thus helping Jackie push harder to achieve his own goals.

Accomplishments & Achievements:

..........Jackie Robinson was also inducted into the U.S. Army during the infamous World War II on April 3,1942. He got promoted to a Second Lieutenant on January 28, 1943. One of his major accomplishments is integrating the Major Leagues by showing them that an African-American could be just as good as everyone else. He was also named 1947 Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year. Jackie Robinson had a lot of success in Major League Baseball, such as becoming a six time All Star selection, World Series champion, 1947 Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year, 1949 National League MVP, and they retired the number 42 to only be worn by the one and only Jackie Roosevelt Robinson. He was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, he won the ballot with 77.5% of the votes.

How Jackie Robinson Achieved his Goal

..........He achieved his goal of integrating baseball by leading the Brooklyn Dodgers and creating an impact in the Major Leagues. He was discovered by the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers of that time "Branch Rickey". Before then he played for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues. He debuted on the Major Leagues on April 15, 1947, playing as the first base. He also inspired and helped many people to be professional athletes because it was now possible to get into the major leagues because of Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson's Career:

..........In 1945 Jackie Robinson started his career in Negro Leagues playing with the Kansas City Monarchs. Before Jackie Robinson made his debut on the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie spent one season in 1946 playing for the "Montreal Royals." The Vice President of the Brooklyn Dodgers of that time "Branch Rickey" discovered Jackie and later chose to sign Jackie Robinson with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie Robinson was inducted into Major League Baseball as the first ever African-American in history! On April 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson made his Major League Baseball debut as a Brooklyn Dodger playing as first basemen. While playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie Robinson became close friends with Hank Aaron. At that time sports were always split into groups according to the skin colors of the players. Many people in baseball opposed Rickey's signing strenuously. Both Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey had a huge stake in Jackie's success. Branch Rickey always knew that it would be really hard becoming the first African-American baseball because people would be prejudice so Rickey made Jackie Robinson promise that he would not fight back to anyone when confronted with racism. Most of his teammates even disapproved of his signing at first. Jackie Robinson was faced with prejudice everywhere he went at first especially at games at other arenas. Jackie Robinson was playing outstandingly playing in with the Brooklyn Dodgers leading with a batting of 3.49 and a 0.985 fielding average

Why Jackie Robinson is a Great Leader & How He Made a Difference

Jackie is an exceptional leader because he was an excellent speaker and representative of the African-Americans in his time. He spoke strongly for his people's right to be treated the same as other races. He was arrested while he was in the army for the reason that he refused to go to the back of the bus after training because of his beliefs. He was later exculpated of the charges and received an honorable discharge. Although all he wanted was to become a professional athlete, he accomplished much more than that. Jackie Robinson made a huge impact on the civil rights movement by making it possible for all young African-Americans to achieve a better future- a future where they could better themselves and succeed in life, a future where they wouldn't have to be faced with constant prejudice and disdain. He revolutionized professional sports by becoming the first African-American, thus breaking the color barrier. Without his honorable sacrifice for his people, it is very doubtful that the sports heroes we remember and see today would not have had the chance to be as successful as they are now.

Jackie Robinson was diagnosed with diabetes, later he died from a heart attack on October 24, 1972.

The Man. The Legend.
Jackie Roosevelt Robinson (January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972) -- You'll Be Remembered.

Interesting Facts:
  • By the age 35 Jackie Robinson was almost blind.
  • By the age of 35 he suffered from both diabetes and heart disease.
  • Jackie Robinson wrote his own autobiography called ‘I Never Had It Made’.
  • Baseball officially retired the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.
  • On August 20, 2007, the California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced to the public that Jackie would be inducted into the California Hall of Fame on December 5, 2007 the California Hall of Fame is located at The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts which is in Sacramento.

Here's a clip of some of his marvelous games that he has have in his career.


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Biography done by Idris Ali and Alisena Rahime