Early Life:
Mother Teresa born, Agnes Gonxha as her given name. She was born on August 27 1910 in Skopje, Yugoslav Macedonia. She was the third last child to be born with two Catholic Albanian parents. When Agnes was ten she attended a state secondary school in Croatia. She showed interest as a member of sodality (Catholic Church) that focused on foreign missions. When Agnes was 12, she went to Chapel. Agnes became intrested in missionaries. She felt she had a calling to help the poor. She answered to her first call as a Catholic missionary nun when she was 17. Agnes learned that the sisters of Loretta, a community of nuns from Ireland worked on missionaries in Calcutta, India. Wall Agnes was there she choose the name Teresa after Sanit Therese of Lisieux.

Agnes first showed interests as a member of the Catholic Church that focused on foreign missions. By the age of 12 she felt she had a calling for helping the poor. Throughout her teenage years she was especially inspired by reports of work being done in India, by the Yugoslav Jesuit missionaries serving in Bengal.

Mother Teresa opened a home for orphans and abandoned children. In 1959 they began to expand outside of Calcutta, starting works in other Indian cities. As in Calcutta, their focus was on the poor. Orphans, the dying, and those disliked by diseases such as leprosy. Before long they had a presence in more than 22 cities in India. Mother Teresa had visited such other countries as Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Australia, Tanzania, Venezuela, and Italy to begin foundations. In 1988 she also opened a home for AIDS patients in San Francisco, California. Mother Teresa as also won the 1979 Nobel Prize for Peace.

Interesting Facts
  • Mother Teresa‚Äôs real name was Bojaxhalu Gonxha.
  • Mother Teresa died in 1997at the age of 87.

Mother Teresa as a Leader

Mother Teresa is a leader because she put others before herself. She dedicated her life to help other people less fortunet. Being a leader is not only about leading people but also about doing the right thing, not because you have to as a job but because you want to. Mother Teresa was more then a leader but a hero as she cared and loved for every child as if they were her own. We think that is exactly what a leader is.

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